Monday, June 11, 2012

Work on site commences

Construction of the Recycling Centre at Esigangeni High School is beginning tomorrow morning. More building material will be delivered on site by the end of today, and the contractor will begin early morning, tomorrow. 

It has been very interesting trying to put everything together, meeting with the school administration to deliberate on certain logistics regarding the entire process involved in establishing the Recycling and Composting Program. The greatest challenge has been trying to ensure that everybody understands the finer details regarding the project and its imminent benefit to the school and the community. Being in Swaziland, where the whole recycling idea is still a foreign concept, it remains to be seen how everybody's perspective changes as the project begins to reach fruition. Nonetheless, I remain positive that the rest of the community will realize the benefit of having the 'first of its kind' recycling centre at Esigangeni High School.

The school administration, faculty and staff have been very supportive since day one. They have made known their excitement about having their school selected as a pilot school for the introduction of a recycling and composting program in the community. 

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