Friday, June 15, 2012


One cannot express with enough satisfaction the joy this project is bringing to the community. This morning I met with the School Board, and they all expressed their excitement and appreciation for having their school chosen as a pilot school for the introduction of recycling in peri-urban and rural areas. I am particularly grateful for the support they have pledged towards ensuring that the recycling program goes on, even when I have left.

On another note, this morning I went to the project site to take some pictures. As I was approaching the site, I noticed that a group of students had gathered around the area where the workers are digging in preparation for placing a foundation for the recycle centre. As I came closer, I noticed that a teacher was with them, and some students were actually inside the already dug trenches. My initial thought was that the teacher had decided to punish her unruly students by giving them manual labour at the site (a practice I am very much opposed to, but very common around High Schools in Swaziland). However, it turned out that, the students were a Form 1 agriculture class. Their teacher had decided to use the opportunity of having a dug trench to let them make observations of the soil profile and feel the soil texture. Both topics are in their agriculture curriculum, and it was just a good coincidence that they covered those topics at the same time as construction was going on. It was quite impressive to see the teacher taking advantage of the project and turning it into a teaching aid.

Other than that, everything is going great ......

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