Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Following the beginning of construction of the recycle centre at Esigangeni High School, as part of my Davis Project for Peace Initiative, I have approached Anthony Armstrong, a Mbabane based recycling company to see if they could be of assistance. I am happy to report that Anthony Armstrong, as of today, is fully behind my project.

Anthony Armstrong has made a commitment that they will supply me with bags to put recycled material in, in preparation for transportation. They have also offered to come to Esigangeni High School once a week to collect all recycled material from the recycle centre. I have personally met with the company director to talk about the project. Not only was he greatly impressed with the initiative I'm taking, he was also of great help, seeing that he has been involved in the recycling business for quite some time. He offered me great advice regarding implementation of the project. As it stands, I look forward to a healthy working relationship with Anthony Armstrong.

Considering that Anthony Armstrong is around Mbabane, and has offered to come collect the recycled material from the recycle centre at Esigangeni High School, the school will no longer need to transport it to Swazi Paper Mills and Swazi Waste Recyclers as initially proposed. This is mainly due to the fact that Anthony Armstrong is within close proximity to the school, compared to Swazi Paper Mills, which will greatly reduce operating costs  for the school.

On another note, work on-site is taking full form tomorrow, and I am not anticipating any challenge in that regard. Updates and pictures will be posted as the project progresses on.   

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